Facebook- 10 years down the road!

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Last week is was Facebook’s 10th birthday, and although this might be a slightly belated happy birthday message – the SMPR team thought we would take you through a quick timeline to show how rapidly Facebook has developed and also the impact it is currently having on the social media world.


Firstly, Can you believe that Facebook started out as a website for select college students only? It has most definitely come a long way because it is currently the world’s No. 1 social media website.

To commemorate the social network, here are ten facts you might not have known.

  1. Facebook boasts 1.25 billion monthly users, which is equivalent to about one-sixth of the world’s population, 33 million of which live in the UK. These users have made 201.6 billion friend connections and clicked the ‘like button’ 3.4 trillion times.
  2. The Facebook logo is blue because of founder Mark Zuckerberg’s colour blindness. The colour that he sees best is blue, so that was the decision made.
  3. The image dubbed the “Facebook Guy”, which could have been seen on the original Facebook website, was in fact Hollywood legend Al Pacino.
  4. Users spend an average of 20 minutes a day on Facebook.
  5. We upload around 350million photos to Facebook every day, and about 78% of traffic to Facebook comes from our smartphones.

How to monitor your Google+ online presence and increase your audience

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With SMPR being all about social media and the positive impact it can have for your business, we took a closer look at Google+ and the tools it provides to help increase your online presence.

Written by @TLiebenber

SMPR Google


Google+ is definitely picking up speed in the world of online marketing is Google+ and with new reports regarding user growth constantly surfacing Google + is a popular platform for SEO, networking, marketing and more.

However even though you have an active profile, there are many other features within Google + which you could be using for your own personal advantage or that of improving your business.

Let’s take a closer look:

In order to ensure that your Google+ is 100% complete, start by ensuring you spend time on the set up process, it is so much easier for people to relate to your content when they know who you are, and which industry sectors you are working within.

The main aim of any social media platform is for you to engage! Always ensure that you are allocating time to connect with your audience and increase the number within that audience, you will not achieve this by simply sharing your views and news, but also by joining discussions or sharing others content. There are also many who prefer visual content over a big chunk of writing, so ensure that you are ‘mixing it up’ and catering for different tastes.

The Year That Was 2013 at SMPR

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SMPR - The year that was 2013

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


SMPR ranked Gold & Silver in BestFor PR Awards for a second time!

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PROPERTY AND CONSTRUCTION GOLDWe are very proud to announce that we have been ranked in two categories in the BestFor PR Awards 2013.

The hard work here at the SMPR HQ has paid off as we have officially received a gold ranking within the Construction & Property sector, and a silver ranking within the National PR Agencies.

BestFor PR allows PR Agencies across the UK to apply for a ranking, the applications are then independently judged and those successful awarded either a gold, silver or bronze ranking within the relevant table.NATIONAL SILVER

These ranking tables, which appear on the BestFor PR website, allow companies and organisations to select and contact leading PR agencies to suit the relevant sector, region or requirements.

Our MD, Kirstie Colledge said:

“This is great news for us and our clients in the Construction sector!  Our team have worked really hard to demonstrate the return and value of Social Media PR and Online PR in the construction industry.  These rankings are an independent stamp of authority and reinforce our position in the B2B PR marketplace”.

You can read the case studies that we submitted to achieve these rankings here.