Exploring The ‘Twitterverse’

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After weeks of wondering what all the fuss is about, I finally became one of the millions of followers the Social Media site that is Twitter and I’ve been ‘Tweeting’ ever since!

Social networking is one of the fastest growing and most invaluable tools for any business. Instead of using Twitter to become reunited with friends, business professionals worldwide are using Twitter to increase profits, maximise growth and to generally raise awareness for their company.

Many companies see ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ as a threat to their business and in many cases it can be if used incorrectly. Numerous people have lost their jobs as result of spending hours ‘poking’ friends on ‘Facebook’ and ‘Tweeting’ on ‘Twitter’ however company bosses could be missing out on a trick. Twitter is the perfect Marketing & PR tool and should be recognised as an integral part of any business.

Twitter can be used to share all kind of useful information. It is an extremely powerful B2B tool that has great potential for businesses of any size or industry. The premise of Twitter is slightly different to that of Facebook in that you can ‘follow’ whoever you like from any industry – if they think that you have something interesting to ‘Tweet’, they will follow you right back. Networking in its purest form. What better than having a captive audience, eager to learn about your products and services 24/7?

The Twitterverse is a very surreal place when you first get started but as soon as you get the hang of it, you can pretty much learn anything and share as much or as little as you like. There are experts across the globe ‘Tweeting’ tips and sharing information with their ‘followers’ in a ‘status box’ in which you have 140 characters to ‘tweet’ whatever you like. You can even follow celebrities, Politician’s and millionaires such as Richard Branson and Barack Obama to name but a few!

There are plenty of people that can teach you use Twitter to your advantage and educate you as to how to use the social networking site to reap the benefits –so read up on Twitter Tips & Tutorials for beginners, sign up for a Twitter account and get Tweeting!

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