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Press Releases are the most cost effective, relevant way of announcing current news to a targeted audience. There are plenty of Marketing & PR firms out there, eager to offer you their press release writing services. One thing to make sure of in the Web 2.0 era is that ALL of the news content you produce in house or via an outside party is optimised for search engine purposes. (search engine friendly)Hard copy publications are dying out in favour of the paperless office, downloadable content and relevant RSS news feeds – Online PR is the way forward. With that in mind, Marketing & PR firms should be concentrating their efforts on improving Search results for their clients, gaining maximum online coverage for EVERY Press Release and producing relevant, timely, newsworthy content that gets published and can be monitored easily. The best way to gauge how many potential customers have viewed your content and found your website is with stats and figures.

You can use web analytics (monitoring software) to gauge the effectiveness of your website and to find out how many people have visited and where from. By comparison, when submitting news content for publication in hard copy journals, it is impossible to truly monitor how many times it may have been viewed.

Online publishing improve your search engine ranking by offering (relevant) links from keyword phrases back to relevant pages on your website. The way to get in front of your target market is to distribute news articles within relevant industry sectors that can offer SEO opportunities. Note: Submitting Press Releases to a distribution service doesn’t guarantee that they will be picked up by hard copy publications, nor does it guarantee that the content will be search engine optimised when it is picked up. Some Press Release distribution services may offer SEO opportunities, but the rates vary and can cost as much as £200 per Press Release.

The way to keep costs down during the credit crunch is to shop around and speak to Industry experts that can optimise, publish and distribute your Press Releases – you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you might find!

As a rough guideline, there are Industry Directories and experts that can optimise, publish AND distribute Press Releases for as little as £36 per release and prices can be tailored depending upon the frequency of your announcements.

The key to protecting budgets in this climate is to get the most from your investments. Target your market in a focussed and strategic way to ensure that all of your Marketing / PR efforts are well thought out and fruitful. Seek advice, speak to Marketing firms that specialise in B2B PRB2 and maximise efforts with minimum expenditure – We think the most effective marketing technique for firms on small budgets is to write and publish Search Engine Optimised Press Releases. If you would like any advice or help with your campaign, we are here to help, contact us for a chat today!

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