Use your PR Online to bring relevant customers to your website

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The internet is a fantastic tool which allows even the smallest of companies to connect with a broad target audience. With even the most basic of websites, you can portray the image of being an established, large and thriving business. This is only true if potential customers can actually find your website in the first place. The level of ‘traffic’ or enquiries to your website can be improved by employing various methods of ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO) and using Online PR to reach your target audience and provide them with relevant results related to their original Google search enquiry.

One sure fire way of attracting relevant customers to your site is for your company to appear in the search results when they are looking for your products and services. Remember, if they already knew your web address, the chances are you are already doing business with them – the key to surviving the credit crunch is growing your business by taking new customers on board.

Submit news for publication to relevant industry news portals. Publishing SEO Online PR enables ‘web crawlers’ to find your news and therefore index it, thus improving the ranking of your own site. SEO Press Releases allow your target audience to click on various keywords throughout the body of text and go directly through to relevant pages of your website. Reciprocal links generate an increase in traffic. Google likes nothing more than relevant content and if you are deemed to be offering relevant links via keyword rich text in the form of optimised Press Releases, you will notice a change in the ranking of your site on the search engines.

Put it this way, if a potential customer stumbles upon your news article via the internet, it is almost pointless if the reader has to move away from your Press Release to conduct a separate search to find your company details – make it easy for them to click through to your site, to your products and your services.

You can optimise your news articles for as little as £36 via Industry Specific News pages such as

Asbestos Industry News
Construction Industry News
Demolition Industry News
Engineering Industry News
Environment Industry News
FM & Maintenance Industry News
Health & Safety Industry News
HVAC Industry News
Plant Hire Industry News
Roofing Industry News

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  1. Great advice and i really hope people are optimising their online workings. I have a post on my blog on how to set up those links for each keyword within your press release so that you can view the traffic generated from each PR on Google Analytics. Its important to be measuring the activity to identify and report any form of success.

    check out:

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