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Twitter is one of the largest social media networking sites, being used by millions of businesses across the globe. At Simply MarComms Ltd. we are a huge advocate of Twitter as a major online marketing tool which is relevant for every type of business, no matter how diverse or ‘niche’ the service you offer.

Twitter immediately initiated itself in the market as a fierce competitor to the likes of MySpace and Facebook but in what feels like an incredibly short space of time, it has overtaken all other networking sites and evolved into the most powerful domain for sharing business ideas, solutions and concepts, setting up events and learning about the market. Twitter has by far surpassed its’ predecessors using the simplest of concepts – a text box allowing 140 characters to say your piece (a.k.a ‘Tweeting’).

Whether you are a market leader or a new start up, you will find that there are already millions of people talking about your industry – a captive audience eager to learn about your business. Twitter has revolutionised the way that we market not only ourselves but our businesses also.

The beauty of Twitter is that it is an opt-in method of Marketing, your information will be received by only those that want to hear it – once you begin to grow your following by ‘tweeting’ current, relevant information, your audience will begin in turn to share your ‘tweets’ with their followers, thus adding weight and credibility to the information that you offer your audience.

The crux of the matter is, Twitter should be one of the fundamental elements of your Marketing campaign. As if you don’t already have enough on your plate, you are going to have to go full circle and contradict your once compulsory ban on social networking in the workplace.

It is in your interests to employ Twitter as part of the daily routine but if this is too much to manage in house, we can help. We have a dedicated team of ‘Twitterers’ that can alleviate the stress and do all the work for you. Yes, Twitter is free to everyone and you can of course do this in house but your main focus should remain at the core; with the growth and development of your business and the increase in sales of your products and services. Do you really have the time to be searching for new followers, tweeting every hour and keeping up with the Twitter trends when you should be providing a service or making products? Possibly not. If you haven’t already embraced the social media phenomenon, you are already missing out.

This is where we come in!

We have cultivated a team of Twitter experts on-hand to manage your place within the Twitterverse, conducting measurable activity over a given time frame whilst offering a visible increase in enquiries to your website. We will build the relationships on your behalf and keep you in the loop on a week by week basis, giving you free reign to dip in a dip out of your Twitter account so you too can give it a go.

The main body of work will be done on your behalf but we’re not precious, the account will of course be yours, we are merely offering to take the weight off your shoulders allowing you to get on with what you do best!

There are many do’s and don’ts to ‘tweeting’ and etiquette that must be adhered to in order to cement your success. Our dedicated team of ‘Tweeters’ know the best ways to generate interest in your news and produce results.

140 characters is an extremely narrow window within which to convey a message and over-tweeting can reduce the impact of your message. It is with this in mind that we are offering our expertise and know how to gain maximum coverage for you in the shortest time possible.

Our clients have seen a significant rise in web traffic since we launched their campaigns and conversions have increased tenfold. In addition to this, Twitter has unfolded some interesting opportunities which may not have become available through ‘traditional’ Marketing methods.

Microblogging via Twitter keeps things fresh, current and at the cutting edge as far as your audience is concerned. Potential customers can merely ‘tweet’ a question (in up to 140 characters) about a product, service or issue and be flooded with answers within 1 minute – never has there been such an effective response mechanism in place. Never before has the proverbial finger been so intensely ‘on the pulse’.

For a consultation or a demonstration as to how Twitter is performing for our clients, contact the Social Media team and if you like what we have to offer, we will have potential customers chomping at the bit to hear your news as it happens!

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