5 Reasons to add search engine optimised links in all of your Press Releases:

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There are many resources about press release writing which you may find helpful, these tend to give useful guidelines and templates and many include tips on things that work best and what to avoid.

You would be wise to take on board comments from these experts as they have learnt through experience and they are sharing useful information which may mean the difference between your press release being picked up or discarded without publication.

In addition to these resources, you should also include links within the text of the press releases that you publish online to direct potential customers, journalists and editors of other publications to your site to find out more about your company, product or service.

5 Reasons to add search engine optimised links in all of your Press Releases:

  1. Optimised press releases enable your news to be picked up by the search engines which is where many of your potential customers will search for your products and services. Press Releases are no longer just releases for the Press, they are also a powerful marketing tool which can be used to raise awareness and get the message across to your target customer as well as to editors and journalists.
  2. If you use a relevant industry portal to publish and distribute your press release, there will already be an existing audience, eager to hear news from that industry. If you include search engine optimised links within your press release, you will allow your audience to quickly find relevant pages of your own website without having to go off and search for your company elsewhere – give the people what they want, when they want it!
  3. 3.High quality in bound links (links to your website from relevant sites) will greatly enhance the ranking of your own site on search engines such as Google.
  4. 4.Optimising press releases can be an extremely cost effective element of your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. Many people overlook the press release and don’t use it to its’ full advantage. You can increase the traffic to your website by simply publishing regular content about your company that includes links from your key phrases back to your website.
  5. 5.Adding search engine optimise links within your press release will enable you measure the effectiveness of your press release by tracking and monitoring this via your own Google Analytics

Remember, if your press release is read by someone… anyone… they have chosen to read it, by whatever means they came across it online, the chances are, they are interested in your company, your products or your services. Make it easy for them to read more information on your website by including optimised links within your press release directing them back to relevant pages of your site

If you have written a press release and included keywords relating to your main products or service, think about why you have done this. Is it to make your news more relevant or have you already begun to think about what your ideal customer would type in to a search engine to find you?

If you are thinking along these lines then you are already putting yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and will have included phrases that your target audience may type in to search for your product or service. If you turn these keywords / phrases into links back to relevant pages of your own website, you will quickly recognise the benefit of this type of online PR and you will soon recognise that it should be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy.

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