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Looking back, Press Release writing in the past was almost futile in comparison to today’s capabilities. Historically, the goal of the PR Professional was to get the client’s news published in trade journals, newspapers etc however submitting news releases to even hundreds of editors would not guarantee that this would happen. Many distribution services used by PR firms will soon become obsolete as they are fast becoming redundant in what is now known as the Web 2.0 era. Dated Press Release distribution services solely submit news for consideration to hard copy publications and results are nearly impossible to track.

Clipping services exist to enable you to establish where your article has been published but they give no indication of how many people have actually read your article – who is to say how many or how few eyes have actually seen and ingested your article?

Principals of PR have dramatically moved on. Unfortunately, many ‘Old School’ PR firms have not quite kept up with the movement and this means that not only their companies but those of their clients will suffer as a result of their refusal to evolve into becoming a savvy Web 2.0 player.

Marketing in the Web 2.0 era is all about tracking, testing and monitoring and the news releases are now written for the individual to read – contacting buyers directly. You can now reach potential buyers directly instead of submitting Press Releases to editors of specific journals for publication who may or may not publish them. There is nothing to stop your target audience ALWAYS finding your news. With RSS feeds, Blogs and Social Media sites, there are so many ways for buyers to find your news and for you to track exactly how many times your Press Release has been read.

The once-humble Press Release should now be constructed with the purpose of raising the profile and market awareness of your company, driving traffic to your website, improving your website’s ranking on the search engines and as a result of all of these things, increasing sales. PR firms should now be taking a different view of what a Press Release is and what can be achieved from them. Ask yourself this, does your PR firm really care about the results you achieve from sending a Press Release? Do they care about how much interest it generates? They should be! If they are interested, they should be doing all that they can to get your Press Release optimised for search engine purposes and distributed on-line – in general, they should be making efforts to assist with driving traffic to your website so that both you and they can actually monitor the effectiveness of their work. Look at the bigger picture!

If they are not interested and don’t offer you trackable results, you should seriously consider looking elsewhere for a B2B Marketing & PR firm that CAN deliver and that CAN get you online coverage otherwise you will be left behind while your competitors soar.

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