How do I get my Press Release distributed?

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There are a number of methods of getting Press Releases distributed although some of the distribution services that are available are more effective than others. If you are not careful, you can spend up to $200 getting just one Press Release published and distributed. 

When writing Press Releases, you are in essence, trying to tell your target audience a newsworthy piece of information. If your news is published or distributed within irrelevant publications, it instantly becomes irrelevant to the audience that you have reached.

On the other hand, you can publish relevant news within a relevant industry category via Industry Today. Industry Today offers Press Release optimisation, publication and distribution including:

Aerospace News
Agriculture News
Asbestos News
Automotive News
Built Environment News
Chemicals News
Construction News
Demolition News
Electrical News
Energy & Environment News
Engineering News
Finance News
FM & Building Maintenance News
Health & Safety News
IT News
Manufacturing News
Nuclear News
Packaging News
Pharmaceutical News
Plant Hire News
PR & Marketing News
Recycling & Waste News
Roofing News
Security News
Telecoms News
Transportation & Logistics News

All of the news published on Industry Today is also tweeted to our following on Twitter via 1 central account @IndustryToday and to accounts set up for each industry to ensure that only the right information is shared with the correct industry following.

To submit your news for free publication, visit and you will be contacted when this has been published to one of the following industry categories: Aerospace, Agriculture, Asbestos, Automotive, Built Environment, Chemicals, Construction, Demolition, Energy & Environment, Engineering, Finance, FM & Building Maintenance, Health & Safety, HVAC, IT, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Plant Hire, PR & Marketing, Recycling & Waste, Roofing, Security, Telecoms, Transportation & Logistics.

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