What is the benefit of including optimised links in my Press Release?

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Marketing teams across the world write hundreds of Press Releases each day but there is still an alarming rate of ‘PR Professionals’ that don’t understand that these can contribute to their search engine optimisation efforts as well as raising awareness of the subject in hand. PR and Marketing firms should already be concentrating their efforts on getting relevant enquiries to your website via improving your SEO or by publishing relevant content online with optimised links back to pages of your website.

If you are a PR professional, you should already be aware of the importance of search engine optimisation. Publishing news with optimised links back to your website will go a long way to attracting a relevant audience and will in turn, enhance the ranking of your site (on the search engines) via high quality in-bound links from a relevant industry news portal.

As well as attracting relevant traffic to your website, including optimised links within your news also enables you to measure the effectiveness of your own press release within your Google Analytics.

There are many press release publication and press release distribution services that offer a method of online pr that can be extremely cost effective. Submitting news to relevant industry specific press release distribution services that give the opportunity to include optimised links is a quick and simple way to drive relevant traffic to your own website.

Some press release publication / press release distribution services offer the option to include optimised links for a reasonable price. It is worth trying out an inexpensive press release distribution service that will publish your news in an industry specific category as this is a quick, simple and relevant way of guaranteeing that your news will be published. You can then monitor your web statistics to find out where your traffic is coming from.

Industry specific, B2B press release distribution portals attract a relevant industry following, subscribers, editors and journalists, all eager to hear news from their chosen industry. By publishing news within a relevant industry category, including SEO optimized links will enable the reader of your news to click directly through to relevant pages of your website. As well as increasing the traffic to your website from a relevant audience, this method is quick, simple and low cost.

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