Why your email Marketing is not working

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Have you ever conducted an email marketing campaign and wondered why you have not achieved the results that you want? You’re not alone. There are hundreds of Marketing professionals experiencing the same issues, more now than ever.

Throughout the economic downturn, Marketing Professionals were forced to re-think their Marketing plans and many turned to cost effective marketing elements such as email campaigns.

As you will be aware, there are a number of email marketing companies, eager to sell you their service. These tend to enable you to send trackable, company branded emails to thousands of recipients at once and monitor the open rate and see exactly who has clicked on each link within the email.

Branded email Although you would think that this is a cost effective method of Marketing, there are a number of reasons why this method doesn’t always generate the response that you had hoped for. Fast moving developments in Web 2.0 Technology mean that this type of campaign is becoming less and less effective. The once ‘hard-hitting’ email campaign no longer has the impact that it used to.

Directors, key personnel and many of your target audience now use Blackberrys or iPhones to manage their lives when they are out and about. If you don’t have a Smartphone yourself, you wouldn’t necessarily be aware that a large percentage of your recipients, haven’t seen the campaign as you intended and your efforts are being wasted.

Your campaign may start life looking like the example above with full company branding and appealing information which may prompt your audience to read your campaign but if you click on the link below, you will see the same campaign as viewed on a Smartphone such as an iPhone or a Blackberry.

HTML exampleOnce opened on a Smartphone, the recipient will see your email in simple text and they will see that this isn’t an urgent email that they need to respond to. When they do eventually sit down at their computer and this has already been opened, they are most likely to recall that it wasn’t a priority and simply overlook it and move on to the next pressing issue.

A better way to raise awareness of your company or brand is to publish current news within relevant industry news portals. That way, your press release will be distributed to a targeted audience and viewed by potential customers that are genuinely interested in learning about what you have to say. Relevant industry news portals have established subscribers that have all opted to hear your news and they will take the time to read a well timed press release that is relevant to their area of interest. Optimised press releases that are published online also have the added bonus of driving relevant traffic to specific pages of your website.

Press Release Distribution and publication within a relevant industry news portal – a sure fire way to gain a higher ROI.

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