Will Google+ be included in relevant search queries?

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Google is not keeping its desperate need to succeed with its social network a secret, therefore Google has decided to include Google+ results into relevant search queries.

Many see this as a big move for Google because, Google+ now has a competitive advantage which Facebook and Twitter can only dream of, meaning many B2B marketers are now incorporating Google+ into their social media strategy.

There are many influencers whom do not see the Google+ search results making a significant change, however, many industry experts have said that the significance of this move is will force people to take the platform seriously.

This move by Google+ will have a positive effect on SERPS and will also create new opportunities for B2B marketers with active Google+ profiles.

Creating interesting, rich content, containing the relevant keywords is a smart tactic.  It seems that Google+ is growing every day, not only by new users signing up, but also with added features and frequent updates.

In my opinion, I would not say Google+ is just another ‘social media channel’; instead I see it as an integral part of my social media activity.

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