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Connecting and circling should be the first step to getting Google+ started, once you have started connecting you can take on the wonderful world of sharing!

The first thing to remember with Google+, whether you are using it for personal or business reason , is that it is not Facebook. The reason for this is because you might know the majority of your Facebook friends personally, however, once you start connecting and sharing with new faces on Google+ you will soon find your place amongst a group with similar interests.

Once you start sharing your interest and get all wrapped up in conversations, your connections will grow, Google+ wants you to voice your opinions and share your findings, and the yummy information which fills your stream will soon wipe out the fear of connecting with people you have never met before.

Remember to give it sometime before comments and shares start tallying up, it’s natural to want them but, you have to actively engage with other users for them to find your content. If your posts contain just a sentence, they will probably be overlooked, so pay attention to the topics people are discussing and sharing to become noticed.

The best advice to be recognised as an influence, is to be helpful, people will appreciate you for it!

Happy Sharing!

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