Tips on how to use Google+ Hangouts for your Business

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If you are looking for creative ways which you can use to keep in touch with customers, or potential customers, why not try Google+ Hangouts?

Google+ Hangouts features are constantly being updated to make it more enjoyable, currently there are two types of Google+ hangouts, regular or “with extras”.

Current features for regular video hangouts:

  • Instant video conferencing with up to nine other people
  • Invitation-only or open to the public option
  • Connect many cameras to your hangout video, and easily switch between them. By switching between different cameras you can teach from different areas of a room.
  • You can join a hangout on your android or iPhone (but you can’t start one from there—yet)
  • You can upload a document to share (this immediately creates a shared Google doc with everyone in the hangout)
  • You can share your computer screen
  • You can watch a YouTube video all at the same time and be able to text chat on the side as you watch it

Hangouts “with extras” give you the ability to:

  • Give the hangout a title or name
  • Create a shared whiteboard presentation
  • Make a call from inside the hangout interface

Although both hangouts offer great features, I personally enjoy the hangouts “with extras” because; you are able to give your hangouts a title allowing participants to be sure about the content of the hangout.

I would advise businesses that create public hangouts, to use this one, unless it is obvious from the presenter’s name what the hangout is about.

Use Hangouts on air

Whilst the average Google+ hangout allows you to connect with up to nine people, Hangouts on air allows a live broadcast to an unlimited audience.

To top it all off, once your hangout is completed, it automatically becomes a draft recorded video in your YouTube account. You are able to edit it within you YouTube account and then publish it.

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