Is Pinterest good for all businesses or only valuable for a select few?

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I have recently been doing some research about Pinterest, not only to find out how I can utilise it as an individual but also to see what business leaders are saying about it.

Whilst reading a Ebook created by Hubspot “How to use Pinterest for Business”, I noticed that Pinterest is getting the same type of attention that Twitter started getting in 2008, before it truly hit the mainstream,  in addition many people are also hoping that it will turn into the “next best thing” from a business perspective.

“Any business that relies on driving a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales, should consider joining Pinterest.”

What is Pinterest?                                                                                                             

Pinterest is a social media channel which allows users to visually create and discover new interests, by posting, or as Pinterest says ‘pinning’, images or videos to your pinboard. Every user has a pinboard (collection of pins), you can have various pinboards therefore each pinboard can have a common theme or relate to a specific category.

Surprisingly enough, user access to Pinterest still operates under an invitation-only basis. That being said, you can request an invitation, and Pinterest doesn’t exactly seem to be very stingy about granting requests. The good thing is you do not have to go through a time consuming signing up process because you can use your Facebook and Twitter log in.

Why does Pinterest Matter?

The first thing that really caught my attention was how many people actually enjoy looking at different images. I was shocked at how many people started following my pinboards without me having to take the first step and engage with them.

Although everyone likes to read a chunky piece of insightful information on a blog, it seems images and videos seem to have same affect.

Looking at some of the facts within the Ebook, I found some interesting ones:

  • In October, the website of Time Inc.’s Real Simple magazine got more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook. (source)
  • After blogger Kate Bryan started pinning her work, she has had more than 10

million page views and has attracted 16,000 blog subscribers. “My top 10 traffic referring URL s are all Pinterest,” says Kate. (source)

Is your business right for Pinterest?

Whilst doing a small amount of research on whether it is worth the time and effort for businesses to give Pinterest a go, I found a flow chart which could help many make the decision.

One must decide a few things before signing up on Pinterest, for instance, where they want their business to go on Social Media and in addition to this, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Pinterest.

Why not give the flow chart a go, this should definitely help businesses and individuals decide whether Pinterest can increase your brand awareness and up the web traffic to your website or blog.

Happy Pinning!


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