How important is social to business?

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An infographic has been created to showcase the importance of social media to a business strategy and companies marketing mix.

The research from Econsultancy and Adobe found that 67% of businesses agree that social media is essential to their marketing mix.

The other main points worth noting from this infographic are:

  • 64% of businesses are using social for brand awareness
  • Facebook and Twitter are the most used platforms (86%) with YouTube coming in next (59%) before Linkedin (54%)
  • Only 34% of businesses measure revenue generated by social media activity

The infographic also offers ‘Five steps to superb social management and measurement’:

  1. Match business objectives with metrics
  2. Have a presence on the RIGHT social properties
  3. Understand your direct and indirect ROI
  4. Take a joined-up approach to social data and related technology
  5. Understand the barriers to harnessing data effectively

Here at SMPR we also think these steps are equally as important:

6. Engage with your peers, fans and other industry experts
7. Create metrics to measure specific goals
8. Publish interesting content that’s relevant to your client base and prospects

See the full infographic here.


Reference: Econsultancy


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