Still not convinced you should be using Pinterest for business?

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The debate as to whether Pinterest is a good social platform for businesses to market their products and services has been an in depth one to say the least, and with some companies still refusing to buy into the idea that it may be the fastest emerging platform out there at the moment, we have discovered some information that may change your mind.

Research conducted by Shareaholic showed that Pinterest was the FOURTH biggest traffic source in August 2012. This means it not only beat Twitter but it also overtook Yahoo Search by 0.47%. This can be seen in the table below, as well as Pinterest taking over Bing as a traffic source:

Pinterest for Business
Reference: Shareaholic

Although this data only represents the websites that use Shareaholic’s widgets (200,000+), it is still rather interesting to see the role that Pinterest is now playing in traffic sources reports.

We at SMPR are Pinterest lovers
 and as well as using it for our client’s content we also use it for our own. We have definitely noticed a change in the referring traffic sources when looking at client’s analytics and are happy to see that Pinterest is regularly featuring in the top 10!


Still asking why Pinterest?

People enjoy visuals, whether that’s images, presentations, videos or an infographic, and although reading information is often far more insightful – the best way to attract attention to the information is through a great visual and this is especially vital in the B2B sector where the amount of information is ever expanding.

The ability to search for visuals (and therefore, links to information) that Pinterest offers is not only fantastic but so easy, categorising each image into a different category, sector and/or theme.

Happy Pinning!


Reference: Search Engine Land


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2 Responses to “Still not convinced you should be using Pinterest for business?”

  1. Pinterest is hugely popular….if done properly.

    Flick through some construction magazine and it’s still full of rubbish 1980’s photography, especially case study images. Is there a lack of investment in good photography?

    But there are some that are amazing. Cracking product photography and scene setting shots which if done properly, will work.

    I know of a flooring company who won a large commercial project where the initial enquiry came in via Pinterest – an in-house interior designer was using Pinterest to find some inspiration and she stumbled across one particular application image, she clicked on it, landed on the manufacturing companies website/blog, submitted an enquiry stating “THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANT”.

    Job done.

  2. SMPR Team says:

    Thanks for your comment Pritesh.

    We agree, if done properly Pinterest can really work. It’s still in its early days, but we have also had a few clients that have had enquiries through Pinterest, as well as it being a top referring website back to blogs and company websites.

    Marketing Assistant

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