Blogging – a worthwhile investment

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There are many companies out there looking for a rapid way to increase their rankings on the search engines, unfortunately you cannot cut corners, consistent online activities is needed and blogging is a good place to start.

Article by @Donna_Lindsay

Climbing the search engine rankings does take time and there is no quick fix to improving your positions on the search engines.

I read an article published by Search Engine Land recently, and within that article it read that;

‘Good blogging doesn’t have to be a back-breaking enterprise. It will require some effort and/or some cost, depending upon if you outsource it or if you do it completely yourself.’

That to me just proves that it could be a great step forward for many local businesses, and the beauty of the blogging world is, there are probably not many businesses local to you doing it, and thus it is still a secret weapon that you can pull out of the bag at any time.

Why blogging?

The first steps in ensuring that your businesses website is being picked up by the search engines are, as I call them, the ‘essentials’. There are many essentials however some of the main ones are optimising your site, obtaining links and maybe even connecting with local Google listings or Google places.

These will always be a step in the right direction and a must for SEO; however, there are ‘extras’ which can ensure that you are connecting with your audience and potential customers.

You need to be giving them something to talk about, comment on or something which they can relate to – this is where blogging becomes a weapon for climbing the ladder of rankings.

Running a blog and updating it on a regular basis can give your audience a closer look at what makes you your business unique, what makes your product creditable and it can assist you in becoming an industry thought leader.

A bonus with blogging is that you don’t always have to talk about your brand, you can talk discuss current industry news which relates to your business and even advise other businesses in the same field of how you are tackling specific challenges.

There is always a topic to blog about, therefore it will always be time well and effort well spent.

In terms of climbing the rankings, it enables you to rank in the blog search and also in keyword searches if you are optimising your posts correctly.

Last but definitely not least, blogging provides that solid foundation which enables you to set up your social media sites, these are great to grow your audience and increase brand awareness.

Blogging in the Construction, Energy or FM sector

Get ahead of the competition by posting and sharing regular content and relevant information, your corporate blog will raise awareness and ultimately drive relevant traffic to specific pages of your own website.

A WordPress blog is one of the easiest, low cost and most effective ways to engage your Construction, Energy or FM sector buyer.  A blog allows you to self-publish, get indexed, create authority, link to the social spaces and REACH your target audience, whoever and wherever they are!

Click here to see some of the WordPress blogs we have set up and manage for our clients. You can pick one and subscribe either by email or RSS and see how the whole thing works or you can call us on 0870 199 4044 or email us and we will contact you.

Blogging is a timely process but it is a great way of engaging and it is most definitely a worthwhile investment.

Article written by: Donna Liebenberg – Connect with me on Linkedin

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