Do paid inclusions in Trade Journals still work?

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Article by @sophie_smpr

PR for Construction, FM & EnergyAlthough traditional trade journals still hold some significant authority when it comes to PR, the emergence of social media and the expansion of the web means that bloggers, writers and most importantly customers also play an integral role in influencing the industry and brands, reputations and names.

By now, your company should be embracing social media platforms in order to connect, engage and gain maximum coverage of your news with your target audience.  Today, it is vital that your PR allows you to make direct connections with your customers but with fewer people picking up hard copy trade publications is paying to be in them really the best way to do this?

Good press releases should, and indeed still need to be sent out to specific industry lists and online PR can arguably be said to allow us to reach more audiences, not less.  However, the notion of paying to be in a trade publication can be argued as no longer necessary and certainly won’t get you the reach and results that you hope for.  With the social media platforms becoming more popular amongst brands as a way to communicate with their target audiences and new platforms coming out thick and fast, does this signal the end for colour separations and paid coverage in trade journals?

Another gripe we have with colour separations as a whole, and undergoing some research for this article I found that many people agree. Unlike paid for advertising, which colour separations have be categorised under by others (instead of PR); you have absolutely no control over which page or position you will appear on and many don’t provide a way to capture leads from them.  You should be asking yourself, how many measurable leads did you actually get out of the last £95 you paid?  Is it really worth it?

So, before you submit your next press release or news article, think – just how newsworthy is your news? Reputable trade journals (Construction News, Facilities Management Journal (FMJ), FM World, Tomorrow’s FM, Utility Business just to name but a few) won’t ask you to pay if your news is relevant, timely, interesting and newsworthy.

If your news is good enough, it will feature in the best trade magazines and journals anyway!

PR for the Construction, FM & Energy Sectors

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