Do social signals boost SEO?

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Social Media Marketing Services After reading SEOmoz’s Guide to Social Signals for SEO one particular line grabbed my attention:

“Today’s children are tomorrow’s consumers”

With more of today’s generation logging on and even relying on social media channels to connect with friends, engage with brands, buy products and keep up to date on the latest news; if your company isn’t making it easy to share your marketing communications across the social media platforms, you really could be missing out.

Although there has previously been a lot of speculation as to whether social signals are used to rank search results; as social media develops and becomes more widely used it is becoming clearer that they do – but how strong a role they are playing has not yet been decided.

There are a few things to consider when trying to improve your rankings using social signals and what can impact them; SEO Moz splits them into direct impacts and indirect impacts.

Direct impacts come from your engagement levels on your social media platforms. Ideally, we would all have thousands of likes on Facebook and thousands of followers on Twitter but this isn’t always the case especially in some of the more specific industry sectors. So whilst number of ‘fans’ does impact and it is always good to aspire to constantly increase these figures, other engagement factors also count and are sometimes easier to achieve such as shares, mentioned tweets, links back to your company website and even people that follow you on Google+.

Here at SMPR, we love to use Google+ purely because it is a Google product. By sharing our news and our client’s news on it, we found it quickly gets indexed by Google and thus it really has improved rankings!

Indirect impacts are harder to solve; you need to improve your website and your content to decrease the bounce rate, make people spend longer on your site and ultimately visit again. Google can measure whether your site gave the user the answer or information they were looking for by timing how long a user is on your site before going back to the search page.

Regardless, if you make it easy for people to share your content in the social spaces, they very often do! If share icons are on each post you publish on your blog, it will generate more traffic and more subscribers.

If you don’t have an integrated social media marketing strategy, you WILL be taken over by those competitors that do.

What to consider:

  • Share buttons
  • A blog with guest blogging
  • Social media icons/connect buttons
    – Facebook page
    – Twitter account
    – Linkedin company page
    – Pinterest
    – Youtube
    – Google+
    – RSS Feed

Social media marketing services from SMPR:

SMPR offers bespoke social media marketing services as part of their online PR service for the Construction, Energy & FM sectors. From setting your company up on social media platforms to developing content and managing your online reputation we can do all of it for you with search in mind!

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