Customer communications – the power of digital in Facilities Management

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Facilities management companies can integrate simple measures into their overall marketing mix in order to gain measurable results. The popularity and growing world of digital marketing has never made it so easy to communicate with clients and customers and reach out to your target audience all at once.

A content rich CMS driven website is key to highlight your service to your target audience but it is only part of the way to achieve marketing success. Digital communications and social media marketing can, and should, be used to generate visitors and traffic to your FM website and hopefully in return increase leads and sales.

The first step is to ensure that every page on your website contains well written, facilities management relevant, copy that targets your audience. You must also guarantee that a call to action is clearly visible on every page for those prospects that read your content and want to find out more.

Publishing your communications is vital to engage with and share your latest news with your current customers as well as prospects. However, to be found and to increase your visibility and search engine position for specific facilities management key words you must ensure that your copy is optimised. If you have a WordPress blog you can add a SEOpack to boost your optimisation, and help ensure that the title tags, meta description and tags all follow the search engines guidelines.

It’s not just your blog posts that you should be optimising; all your PR and marketing communications (articles, press releases, case studies, presentations) should also be optimised and shared online.

Joining relevant, FM specific, Linkedin Groups is one way to share your latest content, and has proven to be highly successful. You can also share your content via Twitter, or visual sites such as Slideshare & Pinterest. If you share and engage with other industry professionals within time you can become known as a thought leader within your sector. However, you must bear in mind that as your online presence grows that there is more to keep track of – you must manage your online reputation and monitor what your customers and target audience are saying about you and your company.

A variety of content will also help your Google positioning. Different forms of content are more likely to appear on page 1 of the search results; the power of digital communications means that we are no longer just competing against our competitor’s web pages but against all different type of online content.

Integrating your communications with your other marketing activity is also vital. Whether it’s your blog or your Facebook page – all of your communications should mirror each other (including offline and traditional forms). Whilst online communications are effective and need to be integrated into any modern day marketing strategy, they should not be a standalone activity and consistency across the entire marketing plan and all marketing channels is fundamental.


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