What marketing trends can we expect in 2013?

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By @Sophie_SMPR

2013 Marketing Trends

After reading through Hubspot’s predictions of the top 2013 marketing trends, I just had to share those that really stood out to me. 2012 saw a massive increase in the use of social media, and by now businesses should already be using it; however, with the digital world and social platforms constantly changing and developing, HOW it should be used effectively is what some have yet to grasp. Read the predictions for 2013 below to get a head start.

Say good-bye to campaigns and hello to real-time marketing:

Marketing legend, David Meerman Scott predicts that 2013 will be the year in which organisations utilise real time events based on their inbound marketing activity. The shift in digital communications means that consumers are now using the internet to talk to brands via their websites and social media and follow the latest news in the markets, industries and topics that they are interested in. The problem with campaigns is that because they are not triggered based upon real time events and are planned often months in advance they don’t allow for the constant changing customer behaviour and changing technology.

Marketing DOES drive revenue:

According to a study by Fournaise Marketing Group, a massive 73% of executives still don’t believe that their company’s marketing efforts contribute to the increase of their demand or revenue. The fact is you can already measure marketing activities on traffic and lead generation. 2013 will see key performance indicators changing in order for these executives to see the direct impact on sales growth.

Smart enough for a smart phone?

In 2012 more people bought a smartphone than a desktop computer. Due to the advancements in technology people are more inclined to buy smartphones and tablets and this means that in 2013 it will be vitally important to be ‘mobile’. It’s not just about having a mobile friendly site though; you should have a think about running mobile marketing tactics too. A few examples are:

  • Mobile versions of e-mail campaigns sent out
  • Apps
  • Location based targeting

Content, content, content!

Content is still King! With the New Year will come the chance to create new content, and this is vital to survive in the market. SEO no longer just focuses on keywords on your website, content also plays an important role in pushing your company up the Google rankings. If you create good, original and relevant content that is then socially consumed and shared, then you hold a strong position against competitors that aren’t doing so.

2013 will also see an increase in the use of ‘smart’ content. What’s ‘smart’ content? Data-driven personalisation and dynamic content is now being defined as ‘smart content’. A bit like when online retailers recommend products for you to buy, based on previous searches/purchases. It allows us marketers to serve highly personalised messages to the right audience at the right time.

Just remember: you can never create enough relevant content!

Be more human:

Customers no longer want to talk to a company as a whole; they want to talk to an individual. 2013 will see the expansion and increase in popularity of each team member representing the company via their own social networking accounts (Twitter, Linkedin) and not just having one business account.

That being said having your company present on social networking sites and social media platforms will still remain vitally important throughout 2013. However, brands need to use them to ‘story tell’, engage with customers and develop their brand personality.

E-mail is NOT dead:

E-mail has remained a strong marketing tool throughout 2012, and this isn’t going to change in 2013. It will continue to be an important part of the marketing mix, but marketers will need to create more personalised, relevant and targeted campaigns and allow their target audience to ‘opt in’ instead of ‘opt out’.

Paint a pretty picture:

2012 established that image sites such as Pinterest really do work, even in the B2B sector. Creating content that will visually attract your customer will remain important in 2013 as humans look to digest more information and at a faster rate. Videos, images, infographics and presentations all look great on Pinterest and can link back to your website or blog, so get creative!


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