Online PR for the FM industry – effective use of case studies

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If executed properly, case studies can be the most powerful tool for Facilities Management professionals and help companies produce excellent content marketing to share and distribute to their target audience.

Your next client could be looking at your website when trying to select a product or service.  If case studies are available for them to look at and download then you are supplying them with all the information they need!

Case studies will not only allow you to highlight your company’s capabilities but also enable you to establish a form of credibility within specific and relevant sectors. This, in turn, is a great way to establish a reputation for your company and allow prospective clients to relate and engage with you if they have a similar issue, problem or need.

Distributing case studies across various platforms is easy when you know how; making it an extremely cost effective type of content marketing if the case studies are well-written, detailed and informative. By publishing it online (whether it is via websites, blogs, PR distribution channels and social media) means that it is likely to be shared and spark engagement with your sector peers and company – gaining you maximum coverage!

So don’t miss out! Raise your digital footprint, your company reputation and generate leads. Used effectively and distributed widely, your next case study could be your most powerful marketing asset!

Case studies can also be redistributed in different ways to increase your content marketing further. Use the content from them in other ways – create blog posts, add the content to your website, make a podcast – the list goes on…

You can view SMPR’s Facilities Management case studies here.


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3 Responses to “Online PR for the FM industry – effective use of case studies”

  1. Nick Katz says:

    This is brilliant and so true. At Honest Buildings, we are helping compile and showcase case studies just like this from around the world, associated with the groups who delivered them, the buildings they were delivered on and costs/success if the companies have shared it.

    Would be great to get more FMs involved and engaged on the website, so by all means please check out and follow us @honestbuildings and build your profile today so you can win more business tomorrow.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your comments. We would be really interested to share the Honest Buildings concept with our readers. It would be great to highlight some of the UK projects. Would you be interested in contributing an article about HB and how to showcase case studies, project successes, particularly on the FM/Building Services side?

    Kind regards,

  3. Nick Katz says:

    Hey Kirstie,

    Yes, that would be great and we would be really interested. Please drop me a line.


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