What to consider before you deliver a content marketing campaign

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There have been a number of articles and blog posts produced recently about the up and coming marketing trends for 2013, what marketers should focus on and what they should scrap. Content marketing has topped the majority of lists, and whilst the age of content marketing is still strong there are some vital steps to consider before diving into your content marketing campaign.

Search Engine Land delved into the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report and produced an insightful article about the content marketing tactics that are already employed by B2B marketers and what questions you should ask yourself when executing content marketing campaigns.

Astonishingly the report found that in terms of measuring the success of the content marketing campaign, SEO was way down the list in seventh place! This is an issue that needs to be addressed as if SEO were to be considered more the campaign would definitely reap the benefits.

So, now you know that SEO needs to be up there with; web traffic, number of social shares and leads, you may be left asking yourself “What else should I consider?” – follow the steps below to ensure your content is ready to go viral.

  1. Establish your target audience – do you understand their needs and how best to reach them?
  2. Decide on the type of content you need to succeed – for example will a blog post be more suited to your audience than an infographic?
  3. Identify which keywords need improving – is your content relevant to these?
  4. Connect with industry influencers – if you’re content is relevant, timely and good they may share it!
  5. Identify how you are going to measure the success of your campaign before you send it out.
  6. SEO! – Keyword specific tags, titles, copy etc. all need optimising.
  7. Make sure you have a call to action – otherwise how will prospects contact you and how will people engage?
  8. Share, share, share! – share your content across social media platforms, websites and other distribution services.
  9. Engaging through social media – this is key, it’s very well to share your content but the idea should be to get people talking about it, so engage in the conversation!
  10. Analysis – you should have identified your measurement techniques before the content went public, what did you learn? Which methods proved successful, and which did not? This will help you for your next content campaign.

Final thoughts? Don’t just produce content because you feel you have to. Produce content that you think your audience will enjoy, reach the right people and content that consumers and industry experts will want to read, share and engage with! Follow the steps to ensure content marketing campaign success.

Reference: Search Engine Land


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