Is SEO dead? No.

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Google is constantly releasing new updates and making changes to its algorithm, and sometimes these changes can have a real impact on our websites and their search rankings. Because of this, the debate to whether SEO is dead or not remains open, in our opinion, it’s not dead, not at all – it’s just changing, and just like everything else within the marketing world, we have to keep up to date and adapt to these changes otherwise we risk falling behind our competitors.


So, you hear that Google has made some changes to its search algorithms and that the user behaviour on the internet means that SEO is dead. Wrong! You get constant spam e-mails saying every Tom, Dick & Harry have looked at your website and would like to offer you their SEO services to get you to page 1?  Don’t do it – nine times out of ten they will be doing more harm than good. SEO should never have been a standalone activity.  “Old” SEO techniques won’t work – it’s 2013, consumers and search engines want quality content, engagement and social proof. This useful article by Brad Miller at Search Engine Watch sums it up nicely and coins the phrase “search marketing integration” – I think we will be hearing that phrase a lot over the next few months!

Google isn’t the only way consumers will search. Facebook have just launched their ‘Graph Search’, Twitter & Google+ exist, and although social search is a new concept, no doubt even more new search platforms will evolve and develop throughout the year. As a result, social signals will influence your company’s search engine results positions, so SEO techniques need to be applied to all of your social platforms – but you also need to use them frequently for it to have any purpose at all.

In 2012, Google released their Google Penguin algorithm. The purpose was to catch people who spam, or ‘break the rules’ to rank better in the results. This is why you need to integrate content marketing into your overall SEO tactics and marketing strategy. It’s quite simple – the more relevant, interesting content you produce, the greater your reach, the higher your popularity and more chance of being on page one of Google.

As a PR company, we are constantly trying to explain the importance of PR in your marketing strategy. The digital era means that many big name publications have moved into online formats but they have kept their authority. Producing content that they will want to feature WILL help your SEO efforts and have a significant effect on your search visibility. Press releases and relationships with these magazines offer real potential for link-building.

If you’re targeting a long tail keyword or query then integrate video marketing into your content – if you can explain it in a video then do it! It will almost definitely gain a higher search position. Videos also dominate the page, and people like watching information rather than always having to read about it.

Industry thought leaders are also key to SEO success. Have a think about who fulfils this role in your team and get them to work! They need to be constantly producing new, relevant, informative and persuasive content for your target audience – if you don’t value and know your products/services yourself then why will your prospective customers and clients? Every piece of content must be sharable, search optimised and link worthy, and different types of content will keep your customers more interested!

Social media should be the core of all of your marketing, sales and after-sales. Your social strategy should impact and be integrated with ALL your marketing channels and campaigns. Brand popularity is playing an important factor in organic search result rankings, and social media is all about developing brand sentiment. Not only does it make you more visible, it is a primary channels for distributing all of your content, news and engaging with other people in your sector.

Conclusion; SEO is NOT dead, it’s just changed and will continue to change as and when Google updates its algorithms and new digital marketing platforms develop. You need to integrate your entire marketing efforts to ensure you don’t become invisible.

Reference: Search Engine Watch


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