Why you should include optimised links when you publish content online

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Link building – it’s key to SEO success and increasing your page ranking on Google, but still many ‘PR Professionals’ are failing to implement it.

Publishing news articles and press releases with optimised links back to your company website and blog will not only attract a relevant audience and lower the bounce rate, but also enhance the ranking of your site in the search engines. On top of this it will allow you to measure the reach and effectiveness of your press releases within your Google Analytics.

Press release distribution services offer a method of online PR which is becoming more important in the digital marketing era. You can publish your articles and press releases with optimised links and images on an inexpensive press release distribution service, such as Industry Today. Using a relevant industry portal to distribute your press release means that there is already an existing audience out there that are eager to hear news from that sector! Including links will allow this audience to easily access your website, blog and contact details.

If your press release is read by someone then they have chosen to read it! That means that they are already interested in your company, products or services – so make it easy for them to read more information on your website, and make it accessible for them to contact you directly.

You know to include keywords into your content so that customers can find you on Google, now it’s a case of turning those keywords and phrases into links back to relevant pages of your website – this is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy and should not be ignored!

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