Maximise your Linkedin Company Page

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The importance of not only having a personal Linkedin profile, but a company profile as well, has been stressed before. A company Linkedin page gives you the opportunity to share information about your company, highlight your services and products, spark discussion with latest; press releases, blog posts and industry news and allows your target audience to stay connected with the company!

However, your company page will only be effective if you use the features provided to maximise it as best you can. Follow these tips to reach full potential:

Maximise your Linkedin Company Page

Home Page

  1. Use all the visual spaces! As well, as having your logo in the top left hand corner, you can have a banner image above your recent updates, and use a small square logo that appears on network updates. Make sure you use a banner image that explains your company in a nutshell for those that are new to you.
  2. Share relevant content! Whether it is your latest news and blog posts or relevant industry news that you think your audience will be interested in…. Share away and engage with your followers regularly.
  3. Highlight a product or service! When you create your products & services page, the one you list at the top will be highlighted on your home page – make sure it’s the one you want to highlight! You can change this as often as you want. 

Linkedin Company Page HelpProducts & Services

  1. Optimise your banners! Link them through to relevant website pages. You can have up to three scrolling banners on this page – try to use them all!
  2. Add an introduction! Summarise what it is that your company does for those that are new to you, this is great for those looking for fast information as the info box on the home page is now located right at the bottom.
  3. List all of your products/services – Be sure to add them all, as the one you miss off could be exactly what someone is looking for!
  4. Happy customer? Get them to recommend you! Recommendations are great; they allow potential customers to see an unbiased opinion about your products/services.


As you can see there is already some great ways to optimise your Linkedin Company Page, and on top of this you can get creative with your products/services page by adding PDF & White Paper downloads, as well as linking to your own YouTube videos!

If you have any other tips on maximising your Linkedin Company Page, or anything you think needs adding by Linkedin, we would love to hear from you in the comments below:


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