New Linkedin mobile app launched but does it help the ‘everyday professional’?

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Article by @sophie_smpr

You may remember, back in February I published my ‘Linkedin, Locked out’ blog post, describing the problems that myself and others had witnessed with the Linkedin mobile app, as well as the top reasons for users being penalised or banned. Well, Linkedin have stepped up (admittedly, probably not down to my blog post) and last week released a brand new version of the app.

Watch the video on the new Linkedin app:


I’m personally pleased with the new design, it’s sleek and stylish and far easier to navigate around than the old app. However, I am not so pleased that the problems discussed in the previously mentioned blog post have not been fixed at all.

The new app does make it easier for you to search for people, but when you click on their profile and request to connect with them there is still no option to send a message or select how you know this person. This is also the same if you go to the ‘People You Might Know’ tool. And while you are able to view your companies and groups you currently follow and are members of (you have to add these as shortcuts to your navigation panel); there is no easy way to search for NEW companies or groups (groups being one of the main features of Linkedin I use).

So, I doubt I’ll be using the app as much as I hoped when the update was released; I like to be able to send a personal message when I connect with someone new on Linkedin as the whole point is to actually engage and be social. Why are Linkedin making this so hard to achieve? I think I’ll stick to using the web version for now!

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