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Press Release Writing

If you have a great story that you need to share with your target audience and your current customers then a press release is what you need!

Not sure how to write  a compelling press release? Not sure how to get your press release published online? Follow the tips below:

Tips for writing a press release:

  • Chose a title that captures what the press release is about but that will also appeal to your audience (include relevant key words so the search engines pick it up!)
  • Use your keywords throughout the body of text – this is great for SEO purposes
  • Make sure you have included the who, what, where, when, why and how
  • Your press release is aimed at a wide range of people – don’t use too much technical jargon as not everyone will understand, instead point them in the direction to a webpage where they can learn more
  • Don’t use a press release as a selling tool, use it as a method of raising your company profile and brand awareness
  • Include an eye catching image – and be sure to add an ‘alt text tag’ to it
  • Optimise! Use your keywords to link readers back to relevant pages on your website
  • Always include contact details

Publishing your press release online:

There are loads of press release distribution sites out there including which is great for B2B press release distribution! All you have to do is register for a free account and select the appropriate category!

Once submitted be sure to use the share icons to share your news via all of your own and your company’s social media platforms! (If you use Industry Today, it will also be distributed via the Industry Today social media platforms)

Follow up:

Success! Your press release has been a hit, and is a talking point online in your industry. Be sure to follow up and engage with all of the people that shared, re-distributed and commented on your press release.

Visit for online press release distribution services

Or contact 0870 199 4044 for more information


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