Clickable #hashtags come to Facebook

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A few weeks ago Facebook followed in Twitter’s footsteps and added clickable hashtags to its user’s accounts. By adding the # sign to certain words, it will turn into a clickable link – allowing users to see all other public posts with the same hashtag (see image for example).

clickable hashtags on facebook

This is a step in the right direction for Facebook, with hashtags being a popular way for people to follow certain topics and conversations. First available on Twitter, hashtags have also been added to Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. It is also noteworthy that the Instagram hashtags will be activated if a user’s Instagram photo is shared on Facebook.

This is great news for marketers especially; it will allow them to follow certain topics and trends and let them connect and engage with existing customers, as well as new potential leads but with the fact remaining that you will only be able to see hashtags from posts that are made public and those from your current friends/connections, it begs the question; is this the first step in making Facebook a completely open platform? It’s hard to see the hashtags having much affect or usage if Facebook remains a closed/private social media platform.

You are also able to search for hashtags via the search bar at the top of your Facebook page. This will be an interesting development to watch, especially with Graph Search being rolled out.

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