7 Post Types to Mix Up Your Construction Blog

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Construction Blog Post IdeasGuest article by @SpecifiedBy

Coming up with new ideas for your blog can, at times, be very difficult. Coming up with regular educational content, that will genuinely interest readers is even tougher.

Building product manufacturers in particular worry that they don’t have anything new to write about that isn’t just shamefully promoting a new or existing product.

But sometimes, just thinking about the format of your post can lead to inspiration, or even better, will allow you to reformat an old post to get more life out of it.

Here’s a quick look at 7 different blog formats to freshen up your content.

#1. The List

The list post is probably the most popular type of blog post around. It’s a great way to aggregate and order your thoughts on a particular subject or topic and provide a nice and simple format for your blog posts.

It could be ‘10 Things to Look out for When Specifying…’ or ‘5 Reasons Why X is Better Than Y…’ whatever it is, people love them because, when done well, they are very useful and easy to read.

#2. How-to…

The how-to post is another very popular and common post format, and one that is very important to building product manufacturers.

These can be used to provide really educational content for specifiers. Explaining how your products work, how to install them, maintain them etc. are good places to start.

They are also great at generating traffic from organic searches, as their titles tend to be good search terms.

#3. Content Curation

Another very simple, but effective, post type. The curated post is the process of highlighting content around a certain topic.

It could be your own content, but often it is other peoples content. This could be other blog posts, videos, quotes, whitepapers, anything really, as long as they all highlight a common theme.

This type of post is also important for building relationships other people, by sharing their content.

#4. The Q & A

The Q & A post is a great way to provide some really useful information for your readers.

Start by answering the most common questions you are asked about your products or services, almost like the FAQ section of a website.

You can group questions about a specific product or topic to make several of these posts.

Get your sales and technical team to make a note of the most common questions they hear when speaking to customers and potential customers and use them to form your post.

#5. Interview

Very similar to the Q & A post, the interview post is a fantastic way to introduce an expert on a certain topic.

It could be someone from within your company, such as someone from the technical team, it could be an industry expert in your field or it could even be an architect who has specified your products.

The interview post is another good post format for building relationships.

#6. The Newsjack

The term ‘newsjack’ refers to the practice of using a current and popular news story to either highlight your own products/services or to add your own view or commentary to the story in question, and establish yourself or company, as a leader in that area.

A good newsjack post is all about timing and relevancy, so you need to be keeping an eye on general construction news, as well as news within your particular area of expertise.

#7. Thought Leadership

The final post type we will look at is the thought leadership post. This one is a bit more difficult and perhaps takes the most work of all the types we’ve listed, but can pay off big time in terms of generating discussion and highlighting yourself or your company as a leader on a certain topic.

You could comment on industry trends, new regulations that will apply to your area of expertise and the impact they will have or you can be speculative, ‘Would things be better if…’

There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated or controversial if it is what you believe.


Of course, not all of these posts are independent of each other; you can and will have posts that crossover two or more of these formats. The important thing is to experiment to find what works well with your audience, which can be easily measured by social shares.

About the Author: Darren Lester is the founder of SpecifiedBy; an online platform that helps building product manufacturers reach specifiers with digital marketing.

You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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