How can B2B professionals unlock the potential from Pinterest?

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Pinterest is largely becoming one of the most popular and revenue generating social media platforms and in the last 5 months alone has grown its user base to more than 70 million. So how can marketing professionals leverage Pinterest and unlock the potential?

Pinterest is a great way to discover new blogs for your outreach campaign. The search functionality makes it easy to find relevant boards, pins and pinners. Each pin that is linked from a website is a potential site to get a link from.

In order for the platform to work in a B2B context is to make the most of your visual content. Including pinnable images in your blog posts or creating infographics is a sure way to generate traffics from Pinterest back to your blog or website.

Other great B2B ideas for pinnable content are white papers and data charts. Pinterest allows you to describe what your pinning so explain it as clear as you can and include a weblink at the end of the description for users to find out more information.

How to convert the traffic into leads:

It’s important to try and convert the traffic from Pinterest into business leads; but this can be tough to do. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use landing pages: if you are pinning a white paper or e-book that your company has created then include a link to the landing page to download it in the description.
  • When you’re pinning from a blog post make sure that the blog post has a strong call to action on it to ensure that readers are clear about how they can contact you.

Pinterest have their own built in analytics tool to see which pins are working and which are not. You can find your analytics under your account – but you must be set up as a company page for this feature to be enabled!

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