How to monitor your Google+ online presence and increase your audience

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With SMPR being all about social media and the positive impact it can have for your business, we took a closer look at Google+ and the tools it provides to help increase your online presence.

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Google+ is definitely picking up speed in the world of online marketing is Google+ and with new reports regarding user growth constantly surfacing Google + is a popular platform for SEO, networking, marketing and more.

However even though you have an active profile, there are many other features within Google + which you could be using for your own personal advantage or that of improving your business.

Let’s take a closer look:

In order to ensure that your Google+ is 100% complete, start by ensuring you spend time on the set up process, it is so much easier for people to relate to your content when they know who you are, and which industry sectors you are working within.

The main aim of any social media platform is for you to engage! Always ensure that you are allocating time to connect with your audience and increase the number within that audience, you will not achieve this by simply sharing your views and news, but also by joining discussions or sharing others content. There are also many who prefer visual content over a big chunk of writing, so ensure that you are ‘mixing it up’ and catering for different tastes.

And if you are posting plain text, make sure it is catchy! This can be done by highlighting the key bits, adding links and perhaps changing statements to questions, all of these things will get your audience thinking about you and soon enough they will look for your latest views and opinions.

So with the basics covered, here are some great tools which will help you calculate where your business is currently at (in terms of Google+) and what you can do in order to ensure you increase your presence.

Google + Ripples

Google + Ripples allow you to view the responses to a Google + post in a clear visually focused way.

Simply go to the top right-hand corner of your post, click the downward-facing arrow, and click the option to “View Ripples.”

Google+ will redirect you to a chart that shows how your content has spread, including the users that have shared and likes it.

Google Ripples













Google Brand Page Audit

Steady demand is a free Google + tool that provides clear information on the performance of your Google + page. With this Google+ tool, you enter your brand page’s URL and receive a free report on what you’re doing right and wrong.

By reviewing the resulting metrics, you have a clear guide for improving your page. This is a great thing to do once you have set up your page and had a good go at sharing content and engaging with your audience.

Google + brand page audit








Go to the Steady Demand website for more:

Getting to know social Media Platforms a little better can prove to be very advantageous, give it a go and discover new ways to make a success of your online presence.


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