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Why you should include optimised links when you publish content online

Link building – it’s key to SEO success and increasing your page ranking on Google, but still many ‘PR Professionals’ are failing to implement it. Publishing news articles and press releases with optimised links back to your company website and blog will not only attract a relevant audience and lower the bounce rate, but also […]

Is SEO dead? No.

Article by @sophie_smpr Google is constantly releasing new updates and making changes to its algorithm, and sometimes these changes can have a real impact on our websites and their search rankings. Because of this, the debate to whether SEO is dead or not remains open, in our opinion, it’s not dead, not at all – […]

What to consider before you deliver a content marketing campaign

There have been a number of articles and blog posts produced recently about the up and coming marketing trends for 2013, what marketers should focus on and what they should scrap. Content marketing has topped the majority of lists, and whilst the age of content marketing is still strong there are some vital steps to […]

Do paid inclusions in Trade Journals still work?

Article by @sophie_smpr Although traditional trade journals still hold some significant authority when it comes to PR, the emergence of social media and the expansion of the web means that bloggers, writers and most importantly customers also play an integral role in influencing the industry and brands, reputations and names. By now, your company should […]