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Facebook- 10 years down the road!

Last week is was Facebook’s 10th birthday, and although this might be a slightly belated happy birthday message – the SMPR team thought we would take you through a quick timeline to show how rapidly Facebook has developed and also the impact it is currently having on the social media world. Firstly, Can you believe […]

How to monitor your Google+ online presence and increase your audience

With SMPR being all about social media and the positive impact it can have for your business, we took a closer look at Google+ and the tools it provides to help increase your online presence. Written by @TLiebenber   Google+ is definitely picking up speed in the world of online marketing is Google+ and with […]

Kick-start your social media activity – Infographic

If you are looking to jumpstart your social media engagement or are about to launch a new social media campaign and want some advice then you’re in the right place. MyCleverAgency produced this great infographic which highlights social media engagement tips. Facebook Keep things positive to encourage engagement and sharing Images attract the highest amount […]

How can B2B professionals unlock the potential from Pinterest?

Pinterest is largely becoming one of the most popular and revenue generating social media platforms and in the last 5 months alone has grown its user base to more than 70 million. So how can marketing professionals leverage Pinterest and unlock the potential? Pinterest is a great way to discover new blogs for your outreach […]