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Start using Google+ communities – they’re awesome!

If you’re not using Google+ as one of your social media platforms, as a marketer you are missing out! Google+ is a great platform for engagement and can really help out your organic search rankings (you are using a Google product after all). Here at SMPR HQ, we’ve really started to get into Google+ recently […]

Clickable #hashtags come to Facebook

A few weeks ago Facebook followed in Twitter’s footsteps and added clickable hashtags to its user’s accounts. By adding the # sign to certain words, it will turn into a clickable link – allowing users to see all other public posts with the same hashtag (see image for example). This is a step in the […]

Using Linkedin for marketing success in the FM sector

With over 11 million members in the UK alone, Linkedin is the social network to be on if you are a business professional as it offers a wide range of business development opportunities for your facilities management company or those targeting the FM sector. Perfect for connecting and engaging with the major players in the […]

New Linkedin mobile app launched but does it help the ‘everyday professional’?

Article by @sophie_smpr You may remember, back in February I published my ‘Linkedin, Locked out’ blog post, describing the problems that myself and others had witnessed with the Linkedin mobile app, as well as the top reasons for users being penalised or banned. Well, Linkedin have stepped up (admittedly, probably not down to my blog […]