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Not using Slideshare for content marketing? You should be!

Content marketing is critical for any business, but even more so for B2B. Just because you’re selling to business, it doesn’t mean that visual marketing isn’t important – you’re still selling to people!

Getting the most out of your Press Releases and News articles

Press Releases are the most cost effective, relevant way of announcing current news to a targeted audience. There are plenty of Marketing & PR firms out there, eager to offer you their PR writing services. One thing to make sure of in the Web 2.0 era is that ALL of the PR content you produce […]

A Press Release – no longer just a release to the press…

Looking back, Press Release writing in the past was almost futile in comparison to today’s capabilities. Historically, the goal of the PR Professional was to get the client’s news published in trade journals, newspapers etc however submitting news releases to even hundreds of editors would not guarantee that this would happen. Many distribution services used […]