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Online PR – Writing & Publishing Press Releases Online

If you have a great story that you need to share with your target audience and your current customers then a press release is what you need! Not sure how to write  a compelling press release? Not sure how to get your press release published online? Follow the tips below: Tips for writing a press […]

Question Your Traditional PR Firm

Many Marketing & PR Firms have been hit hard by the economic climate as a result of their client’s budgets being slashed, some have been dropped all together and the marketing function has been taken back in-house as a cost saving exercise. If you are one of the Marketing / PR firms that this has […]

What is the benefit of including optimised links in my Press Release?

Marketing teams across the world write hundreds of Press Releases each day but there is still an alarming rate of ‘PR Professionals’ that don’t understand that these can contribute to their search engine optimisation efforts as well as raising awareness of the subject in hand. PR and Marketing firms should already be concentrating their efforts […]

Publishing Search Engine Optimised News

Optimising your news/ Press Releases online is one of the best ways to attract a targeted and relevant audience to your website. This is particularly true if you are in a competitive market and your website isn’t as highly ranked on the search engines as some of your competitors.