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The Tendering Process: Pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) and tender submissions – how to stand out from the crowd.

With the public sector bracing themselves for sweeping budget cuts to be announced later this year, 2011 is likely to be another difficult year for suppliers to local councils. Throughout the remainder of 2010, local authorities will likely be tripping over themselves to complete major projects while they still have the budget allocation to do […]

Looking for a cost effective method of generating more business enquiries?…

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Google’s ‘Personalised Search’ and the implications for SEO

In April 2009, Google rolled out ‘Personalised Search’ to all users, not just those who were signed in to a Gmail account. What this means is that anyone using Google is automatically presented with results that are specific to their previous searches and these are displayed above the natural results from Google. Personalised Search is […]

Why your email Marketing is not working

Have you ever conducted an email marketing campaign and wondered why you have not achieved the results that you want? You’re not alone. There are hundreds of Marketing professionals experiencing the same issues, more now than ever. Throughout the economic downturn, Marketing Professionals were forced to re-think their Marketing plans and many turned to cost […]