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Facebook- 10 years down the road!

Last week is was Facebook’s 10th birthday, and although this might be a slightly belated happy birthday message – the SMPR team thought we would take you through a quick timeline to show how rapidly Facebook has developed and also the impact it is currently having on the social media world. Firstly, Can you believe […]

Clickable #hashtags come to Facebook

A few weeks ago Facebook followed in Twitter’s footsteps and added clickable hashtags to its user’s accounts. By adding the # sign to certain words, it will turn into a clickable link – allowing users to see all other public posts with the same hashtag (see image for example). This is a step in the […]

Utilise your Facebook for Business

Many people are still not convinced that Facebook is a viable B2B medium, I have recently had a quick look at a Facebook Introductory Guide published by Hubspot and found some key steps for getting started on Facebook to achieve your business goals. An increasingly important asset for any business, is social media and inbound […]

Social Media Marketing – making the most of your time

Social networks are already shaping how business is done.  From how contracts and projects are managed, to how clients interact with your company, social networks are here to stay and word of mouth marketing has never been so powerful.  With so brands now represented across a growing number of sectors and social networking platforms, your […]