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A simpler, more beautiful Google plus

Whilst having my weekly catch up for more information on social media channel improvements I found a great source for Google plus latest news. Inside G Plus have some great updates to keep all us Google Plus fans up to speed with all the latest additions, features and also reviews. I personally love reading up […]

Have your say on Google Plus

Google+ is great for a healthy debate or just airing your views. Over time you will begin to make friends with other users by replying to their comments. If someone comments on your posts, make the time to comment back also, comment on post which others share. Being an ‘active engager’ on Google+ is not […]

Following on: Starting from scratch

Connecting and circling should be the first step to getting Google+ started, once you have started connecting you can take on the wonderful world of sharing! The first thing to remember with Google+, whether you are using it for personal or business reason , is that it is not Facebook. The reason for this is […]

Will Google+ be included in relevant search queries?

Google is not keeping its desperate need to succeed with its social network a secret, therefore Google has decided to include Google+ results into relevant search queries. Many see this as a big move for Google because, Google+ now has a competitive advantage which Facebook and Twitter can only dream of, meaning many B2B marketers […]