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Google+ enabling the feature of linking to original posts

  A request to link your shared post to the originally shared post has been a long requested feature with Google+. Google+ are now enabling this feature, therefore when you see a reshared post it will include the original share link in the post as well. If you are interested in the post and would […]

Google+ Site Badge

If you are still unsure about the Google+ ‘lingo’, the badge changes are for those whom wish to connect their site with a Google+ page. This will help you connect with friends, fans and customers but, it also makes your site eligible for Google+ Direct Connect. (Direct Connect helps people find your Google+ page and […]

Google+ Hangouts Refresh

Since Google+ launched hangouts with extras in September of last year, they are continuously looking to improve it. There are now a couple of extras for you to use and also give feedback on. Screen sharing: A new feature for Google+, allows you to share what’s on your computer screen with everyone whom has joined […]

A new year calls for more Google+ updates and features

What a year 2011 has been for Google+, although I am also still a newcomer to this social media channel I can see so much interest on the ‘hot topic’ and I cannot wait to see what 2012 has to offer. Coming back into the world of Google+ after being without Wi-Fi for 21 days, […]