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Monthly Roundup – August 2012

Here it is – the first of a new feature we are introducing here at SMPR – a roundup of all the latest news and updates from August.  The Paralympics have started, the London 2012 Olympics have finished and everyone is back to work as normal.  We can’t wait to be able to shout about […]

Google Plus upping their game

Google Plus is clearly upping its game, with the release of ‘personal’ URLS. Still convinced that Google Plus is a ghost town? Think again, because a week ago a product manager for the social media channel announced that the social media channel will be offering personal URLs. Some of those with a verified account already […]

A simpler, more beautiful Google plus

Whilst having my weekly catch up for more information on social media channel improvements I found a great source for Google plus latest news. Inside G Plus have some great updates to keep all us Google Plus fans up to speed with all the latest additions, features and also reviews. I personally love reading up […]

Google+ = Engage, Engage, Engage!

Looking at my own Google+ profile, I have noticed most of my followers on Google+ come from us commenting and talking about the same content. I have been looking at groups of people whom share the same interests as me, now my followers are growing steadily. So all of this comes down to one thing, […]