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Following on: Starting from scratch

Connecting and circling should be the first step to getting Google+ started, once you have started connecting you can take on the wonderful world of sharing! The first thing to remember with Google+, whether you are using it for personal or business reason , is that it is not Facebook. The reason for this is […]

Starting from scratch? Make Google+ a rewarding experience

The life of a brand new user on a social network can be quite confusing and lonely; however, it does not have to be like that with Google+. I have been doing a some research on how people set up their Google+ accounts and what has made the whole β€œnew to Google+” phase much easier, […]

Google+ Circles Enhanced

Not only are Google+ circles better to look at and easier to understand, it is now easier to find people and pages. If you have not noticed it yet, Google+ circles have improved; it now has a cleaner look which is easier to understand and makes it is easier to manage your connections. The circles […]

Will Google+ be included in relevant search queries?

Google is not keeping its desperate need to succeed with its social network a secret, therefore Google has decided to include Google+ results into relevant search queries. Many see this as a big move for Google because, Google+ now has a competitive advantage which Facebook and Twitter can only dream of, meaning many B2B marketers […]