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How to monitor your Google+ online presence and increase your audience

With SMPR being all about social media and the positive impact it can have for your business, we took a closer look at Google+ and the tools it provides to help increase your online presence. Written by @TLiebenber   Google+ is definitely picking up speed in the world of online marketing is Google+ and with […]

Start using Google+ communities – they’re awesome!

If you’re not using Google+ as one of your social media platforms, as a marketer you are missing out! Google+ is a great platform for engagement and can really help out your organic search rankings (you are using a Google product after all). Here at SMPR HQ, we’ve really started to get into Google+ recently […]

New Design for Google Plus

Google+ announced on Wednesday that users will slowly start seeing some changes and new features to their profiles and to the social network. So what’s new? 1.    Local reviews Similar to photos and +1 buttons, users can now highlight reviews and favourite restaurants. This is a move in line with Google’s efforts to expand […]

Original Content a “must” for Google+

The best  way to become recognised on Google+ is to share original content. A great way to spread the word is  resharing posts, however, if you want people to get to know you spread some unique content. People who only reshare others content will probably not have many followers, Google+ users want to get to […]