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How do I get my Press Release distributed?

There are a number of methods of getting Press Releases distributed although some of the distribution services that are available are more effective than others. If you are not careful, you can spend up to $200 getting just one Press Release published and distributed. 

Publish Press Releases Online and bring relevant customers to your website

The internet is a fantastic tool which allows even the smallest of companies to connect with a broad target audience. With even the most basic of websites, you can portray the image of being an established, large and thriving business. This is only true if potential customers can actually find your website in the first […]

Twitter for Business

Twitter is one of the largest social media networking sites, being used by millions of businesses across the globe. At Simply MarComms Ltd. we are a huge advocate of Twitter as a major online marketing tool which is relevant for every type of business, no matter how diverse or ‘niche’ the service you offer.

Are PR companies keeping up with the times? What exactly should you expect from your PR company?

If you have hired a PR Agency in the past or are currently using one to produce news articles or gain coverage for your company, are you getting what you pay for? How do you monitor their online performance?