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How can B2B professionals unlock the potential from Pinterest?

Pinterest is largely becoming one of the most popular and revenue generating social media platforms and in the last 5 months alone has grown its user base to more than 70 million. So how can marketing professionals leverage Pinterest and unlock the potential? Pinterest is a great way to discover new blogs for your outreach […]

Analytics for Pinterest launched

If you’re still looking for a reason to put your business on Pinterest (although there are already plenty) then look no further – Pinterest has now launched their own integrated analytics into the platform. -Bonus: it’s completely free! How to start using the analytics: First, log on to your account and make sure you have […]

Still not convinced you should be using Pinterest for business?

The debate as to whether Pinterest is a good social platform for businesses to market their products and services has been an in depth one to say the least, and with some companies still refusing to buy into the idea that it may be the fastest emerging platform out there at the moment, we have […]

Is Pinterest good for all businesses or only valuable for a select few?

I have recently been doing some research about Pinterest, not only to find out how I can utilise it as an individual but also to see what business leaders are saying about it. Whilst reading a Ebook created by Hubspot “How to use Pinterest for Business”, I noticed that Pinterest is getting the same type […]