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Killer PQQ’s – Effectively delivering your message – Top 10 tips from Simply Marcomms

We’ve all seen the predicted decline in the amount of government tenders begin to trickle through, with the number of tenders on offer declining and even tenders submitted some months ago effectively ‘on hold’ for an undisclosed period of time. The contracts are still out there, and they are still incredibly lucrative and long term; […]

Pre-Qualification Questionnaires… there a light in the tunnel, again?

Every now and again, the public sector awake to the sound of a gathering crowd.  They’re amassed at the door and they have a common message, we want change. There is a crowd gathering at the moment, the crowd consists of business development managers, bid managers, contract managers and their support staff. They represent the […]

PQQ & Tender Writing Service – Public Sector Contracts within your grasp

Simply Marcomms offer new PQQ Writing & Tender Support Service Each year in the UK the public sector spends in the region of £170 billion on outsourced products and services. The Government are planning to increase public spending and bring forward public sector spending projects in an effort to generate economic growth – Does your […]