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Social vs. Search – it’s not a competition!

Article by @sophie_smpr The increase in social has certainly made marketers step up and realise that they need to change their tactics in order to tap into their target audience; but has it replaced search marketing altogether? Having an online presence and digital footprint is vital in 2013 – but the properties of search marketing […]

Using Linkedin for marketing success in the FM sector

With over 11 million members in the UK alone, Linkedin is the social network to be on if you are a business professional as it offers a wide range of business development opportunities for your facilities management company or those targeting the FM sector. Perfect for connecting and engaging with the major players in the […]

Analytics for Pinterest launched

If you’re still looking for a reason to put your business on Pinterest (although there are already plenty) then look no further – Pinterest has now launched their own integrated analytics into the platform. -Bonus: it’s completely free! How to start using the analytics: First, log on to your account and make sure you have […]

What marketing trends can we expect in 2013?

By @Sophie_SMPR After reading through Hubspot’s predictions of the top 2013 marketing trends, I just had to share those that really stood out to me. 2012 saw a massive increase in the use of social media, and by now businesses should already be using it; however, with the digital world and social platforms constantly changing […]